April 18, 2014

How to Aquaponics Cool Water Fish

The three main items in your aquaponics system are the fish, plants and of course water. You spread fertilizer (animal wastes) over your garden at home and farmers are proponents of using their cattle manure to spread on their fields. Isn’t it great that someone took that concept and created a system whereby fish can coexist with your plants and actively and continuously ‘feed’ the plants by supplying nutrients? These nutrients help your plants’ produce taste great. And if you choose your fish right, you can have great tasting fish too!

How To Aquaponics requires you to have the simple understanding of which fish are available to you in your area and which fish best suit your environment (warm or cooler water). Also, consider whether you want your fish for aesthetics or for dinner one day. Cool water fish are the topic of this article.

Consider the catfish. Many people enjoy the taste of this fish (when it out grows your system) and it is hardy also. It will do well in a cool water aquaponics system. The channel catfish is available easily in North America.





The common carp is considered a pest in many waterways yet the carp is a hardy fish that thrives in a cool aquaponic system. Understanding how to aquaponics with the carp means being readily to cull the numbers when they reproduce and overtake the waste filtering capabilities of your aquaponics system.


We recommend the goldfish for several reasons if you are not looking to raise a fish species to eat. Goldfish are found in virtually every pet shop and fish store and can survive in the most severe cold water conditions as well as surviving poor water conditions. Breeding goldfish is usually not an issue if you have a little cover over the water tank.



One specific carp species worth mentioning is the Koi which are another good alternative in the cooler water aquaponic systems. Koi are an attractive fish and are available from most local fish stores in North America. Their beauty make them a delight to keep in aesthetic backyard ponds and aquaponic systems. They are hardy and of course do well in cooler water.



One slow growing fish that also may be hard to find in North America is the Silver Perch. This fish is mainly found in Australia. They will do well in cooler water and will eat many different types of food. Silver Perch tend to grow fairly slowly.




Our top recommendation if you are looking for an edible fish in your aquaponics system is the Trout. You want to make sure the water temperature stays around 10 to 20 degrees Celcius. Trout tend to grow a little quicker so you need to observe their size and numbers so that they don’t outgrow your aquaponics system.



Having just a little How To Aquaponics knowledge will help in caring for your fish and plants. In keeping them both happy you will reap the benefits. If I can set up a system (not mechanically inclined) then anyone can. A little planning at the onset will help in creating the perfect and easy gardening system for you. For more information on how to aquaponics system creation CLICK HERE.

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